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Exchange Support and Request Form

Use this form to make a support request for:
  • Shared Mailbox(es) or Public Folders(s)
  • Global Address List (GAL) updates
  • Distribution List Creation

BOLD items are required.

First Name
Last Name
Summary of Request

Request Type
Shared Mailbox/Public Folder Details
For new shared email: Name of the shared resource, requested email address, owner of shared resource
For existing shared resources: Name (and location if applicable) of the shared resource. Please note requests for access must come from the current owner of the shared resource.
GAL Update Details
Please list the user(s) whose GAL entry needs to be updated, as well as any fields that need to be updated
Distribution List Details
Please provide: Name of distribution list and owner. For Modification to existing distribution groups please provide the name of the distribution list or check with distribution list owner. For more information please see the UNH IT KB
Request/Update Room Resource Details
New Room Resources: Please specify Name, Building, Room Number, and any restrictions on who can/cannot schedule the room.
Update Room Resources: Can only be requested by current owner(s).
Change Email Address Details
If you would like to change your,,, or email address please provide your current email address and the desired new email address.

If you would like to update your,,, or email address as a result of a name change please complete the steps outlined below:

  1. Name change paperwork must be completed with HR
  2. The "IT Accounts Name Change Request" form must be completed:
    • Navigate to in your web browser.
    • Select Accounts Management System from the menu on the left and log in.
    • from the menu on the left, choose "IT Accounts Name Change Request" and complete the form.
    • by specifying a "New email address", this will cause your alias to be updated as part of the name change process.
Note: The second form is verified against Human Resources data, and the change will be completed shortly (~2 working days) AFTER HR completes its changes.

Or, if you do not currently have a,,, or email address you may request one here and follow the on screen directions.
Other Request Details
Please be specific as possible regarding the request/problem you are experiencing.

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