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Manchester IT - Request Mass Email

If your request is approved, we will include the sender in the message that goes out for your records. Note that we may need to apply additional formatting to insure that your message will display legibly on all e-mail programs.

UNH Manchester Information Technology (IT) will make a best faith effort to post the message on the date specified during normal University hours. A general time preference for the posting day (morning or afternoon) may also be suggested. For time critical postings please note that we need to have a lead time of at least three University business days before the posting date after the following steps have already been performed:
  • your submission of this request
  • your confirmation of this request
  • the Approval Authority's OK - * see note below

* The Approval Authority is UNH Manchester's Assistant Dean of Academic Student Services. If a request is made for Graduate Level Degree Students at UNH Manchester, the Director of the Graduate School - Manchester Campus, needs to approve of the message also. IT will wait for approval from the Director of Academic Student Services (and the Director of the Graduate School - Manchester Campus, if needed) before sending a mass e-mail.

Because of the number different channels involved, delays may be unavoidable. It is never too early to submit your request to start the approval and review process. In particular we recommend at least 1 to 2 weeks lead time for requests requiring a custom demographic.

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